• 11/25/2015


    It was mid-October in Canada and the chill bit at me, on my arms and around my ankles. The man hopped onto his bike, and I tried my best to ignore the annoying, vaguely familiar pop music that flooded my ears. In a few minutes, he would pedal off into the distance, and we would follow behind on foot. They called the person who guided us through the course a "rabbit" and I absent-mindedly wondered if that made each of us an "Alice."

  • 11/24/2015

    Kate Schatz

    Dear Writer,

    I know, I know, I knooooooow. It’s So Hard, isn’t it? You’re sitting there, at your small, sleek, rectangular machine (inside of which lives all the knowledge ever, every song ever recorded, and approximately 8,989,003,200 cat videos) and you’re struggling to reach some arbitrary “word count” so you can reach some “goal” about some “novel” because you’re, like, some kind of “writer” or whatever.

  • 11/23/2015


    It’s week four. You’re tired, you’re plagued with self-doubt (What if I don’t finish in time?), and your novel is growing harder and harder to write. You’re probably considering giving up. Trust me, I’m feeling it too. But you can’t give up, and I’m here to tell you why.
  • 11/18/2015


    You’re staring at the blinking cursor on your screen, doubtful that you will make your daily word-count goal.
    “Why did I ever decide to do this?” you mutter under your breath. “This month was destined to end in failure!”
    The cursor keeps on blinking.
    Mocking you.
  • 11/17/2015

    Jason Reynolds

    Well, you’ve made it to week three, and if you are anything like me, you’re saying one of two things to yourself:

    1. I’ve come far enough... to stop.

    I mean, seriously, by this point, I could at least tell people I wrote a whole novel. It’d be a lie, but I wouldn’t feel bad about it. At least not too bad. Because it’s basically whole.

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