How to Update Your Word Count

Posted by: Chris Angotti on 11/03/2010

How to Update Your Word Count
Make sure all your genius is tallied!

Three solid days of writing done. How does it feel so far? Since November 1, The Young Writers Program has collectively composed over 17 million words, which is pretty incredible. But we know we can get even more per day if everyone knows how to update their word counts. It’s easier than you think!

  1. You should be typing your typing novel off-line in a word processing program, or using pen and paper. After a great session of writing, do a word count. Programs like Word and Open Office make this simple: you can find the total near the bottom of your document, or by “Word Count” in the “Review” or “Tools” menus. Handwriting calls for a bit more estimation; as long as you’re close, that’s okay.
  1. Sign in to your account on the YWP website.
  1. You can update your count in two different ways. The first is the most simple. See that text box up there by the YWP logo? Simply type in your total number of words, and then push “Update.” The site will save this number, and you’ll see it each time you log in. Or, you can head over to your Novel Info page, and enter in your total under “Word Count.”
  1. Validate your word count. This is a step that you can do every day, or simply once at the end of the event. On the Novel Info page, you’ll see a “Word Count Validator.” This is where you paste in the entire text of your novel, and we count to be sure it totals the same number that you’ve been entering. Whatever the Validator calculates will become your new total.
  1. Keep on writing!

Keep these steps in mind, and they’ll become second nature this month. Best of luck!

Chris Angotti
YWP Director

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