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Note: We are hard at work on a new YWP site for 2016, and classrooms are one of our first priorities. Please wait for more news (around early September) before you create or update a classroom here.


The Virtual Classroom is a web interface designed to allow you to better facilitate NaNoWriMo with your students. Through the Virtual Classroom, you can post important announcements, dates, and links; lead discussions in a dedicated forum section; send NaNoMail to students; and most importantly, easily check the progress of an entire class.



Create Your Classroom

1. Start your classroom. Click on "Create your classroom" and fill in all required information.

  • Note: All personal information is private, and we won’t use it for anything besides confirming your classroom.



2. Submit your classroom. Click on "Submit" at the bottom of the "Create your classroom" page.

  • Look for an email confirming your submission, and another when your classroom is published.



3. Optional: Add another educator to your classroom. Click on "Home" "Educators", type his/her username into the "Add new educator" box, and click on "Add" to confirm.



4. Add students to your classroom. Click on "Home" "Students", type a username into the "Add new student" box, and click on "Add" to confirm.

  • Note: You will need to know the usernames of your students to add them. Use this form to compile a list in person.
  • Students can also add themselves to your classroom via the "Join a Classroom" page. They will need to know the name of your classroom to search for it.



5. Add updates, resources, events, and "Word Wars" to your classroom. Click on "Home" "Edit"

  • Click on "Updates and resources" to add classroom updates and links.
  • Click on "Dates/events" to add classroom events.
  • Click on "Word Wars" to add other classrooms to compare word counts.



6. Check your students' progress during November. Click on "Home" "Progress"

  • "Class Word Count" is your students' collective word count over the month.
  • "Word Wars" is your classroom's progress in comparison to others of your choice.
  • "Class List" is your students' individual word counts.



7. Send NaNoMail to all students. Click on "Home" "Students" "Message all students" and compose your message.



8. Lead discussions in your classroom forum. Click on "Home" "Forum"

  • Click on existing discussions.
  • Click on "Create new topic" to start a new discussion.
  • Click on "Reply to this topic" to participate in an ongoing discussion.



9. Find other classrooms in your area or worldwide. Click on "Directory" and explore via the map or country listing.



10. Connect with another classroom. Click on a classroom’s creator on the bottom right of their homepage, learn more about them, and say hello via NaNoMail.



And that's it! If you have any additional questions, please send us a message.

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