Writing Space FAQ

What’s the difference between a note and a chapter?

A note is just for practice or for jotting down ideas and plans for your project - think of it like the messy pages in your journal. You can create a note before a challenge officially begins, and whatever you write in a note doesn’t count towards your word-count. A chapter is for writing the actual glorious words of your novel. You can only create them during a challenge, and they count towards your word-count.

What should I do if my chapters are out of order?

You can rearrange your chapters by clicking and holding down to the left of each chapter and dragging it to where you want it to go.

I accidentally deleted something! Help me!

To restore an older version of a chapter, open the chapter, then click on the wrench next to the title to open up the chapter settings. Click the circular arrow in the bottom left that says “restore archived version,” then open up whichever previous version of the chapter you want.

To recover a missing chapter that’s been deleted somehow, click the circular arrow at the top of the “Chapters and Notes” in your writing space.

How do I upload a cover image?

Click on the image icon at the top of the novel box, then choose a file. You can also change the color of your cover.

How do I change the font?

Click on the “A” at the top of the novel box to change the font for your novel title, chapter title, and body text.

I’m typing in the writing space but my word-count isn’t updating. What should I do?

Uh oh! Before you freak out, see if any of these things might be happening:

  1. Be sure you’re writing a chapter, not a note. Notes have striped lines through their titles and don’t count towards your word-count. Open up the note settings by clicking the wrench next to the note title, then change that note to a chapter.

  2. Be sure you selected the option that said you were going to write on the YWP, not the option that said you would type somewhere else and update your word count manually. To check or change your setting, click the wrench at the top of the novel box to open up the novel settings.

What happens after a challenge ends? Can I keep working on my novel?

You can continue working on your NaNoWriMo novel all year on the YWP site (but your badges and charts will no longer update). We encourage you to save it somewhere else, too, though - not just on our site.