Young Writers Contest Honorable Mention by Bethany

In April, the Camp NaNoWriMo Young Writers Contest challenged writers to submit a 300-word story that began with a storm. From over 600 fabulous entries, we chose two Grand Prizes and three Honorable Mentions. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did! (For more stories, check out the Young Writers Contest forum thread.)

Honorable Mention (High School) by Bethany

"It's a pretty heavy storm." His brows furrowed skeptically at the rain beating against the window. "Are you sure you need soup now?"

I nodded and snuggled down further under my mountain of blankets. "I'm having intense cravings for warm soup," I said and coughed dramatically. "Plus, it'll help my throat."

"I can't believe we're out of Ramen." He sighed and glanced at his watch. "I'll make a quick trip down to Walmart. It won't take long."

I smiled. "Thanks."

He grabbed his coat, keys, and umbrella, pausing momentarily at the door. "See you soon, sicky."

He never made it back home.

Puddles of water left from the storm dotted the ground. The funeral planned and over before they'd had a chance to dry.

"It wasn't your fault."

I stared at the smooth tombstone. His name freshly etched into the marble.

"Cars malfunction. Brakes give out. Crashes happen."

I turned to the kind old lady behind me. A relative of his? A friend? I didn't care.

"My home is always open, dearie if you need somewhere to go." She patted me softly on the shoulder and turned to go. "There's nothing you could have done."

Alone. I wanted to be alone. So, I let her, and her tired, mournful eyes, leave.

"Cars do malfunction," I mused aloud. "But not this one." I waved as she drove off. A final farewell.

"I should know." I ran my hand lightly across the top of the tombstone. "I cut the brakes."

My mission accomplished, it was time to disappear. I took a step back and my foot hit a puddle. Water droplets sprayed across my leg.

I smirked. "I do so love the rain."

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Bethany is an enthusiastic writer who spends more time plotting and editing than actually writing. She enjoys reading, archery, and obsessing over fictional characters. She's been homeschooled her entire life and is currently a sophomore. Her favorite subjects are math and history. She enjoys spending time with her nine siblings and plans to attend college for creative writing and music.