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Welcome, Brave and Creative Educator, to your NaNo noveling adventure!

Working with young writers this summer? Check out our summer writing resources!

Otherwise, find guides to get you oriented, Common Core-aligned lesson planscomplete student workbooks, and a free classroom kit.

Guides & How-To’s

Lesson Plans

Our complete curricula will guide your class through its entire noveling journey, with Common Core-aligned lesson plans from prewriting to publishing.

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Middle School Workbook

Student Workbooks

Our workbooks help students create characters, build settings, and hatch plots. They can save their notes in free, downloadable PDFs, or you can order enough hard copies for your classroom.

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Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Progress chart

Classroom Kit

We offer a free motivational classroom kit to educators facilitating NaNoWriMo. It includes a progress chart, stickers, and buttons.

Our 2016 classroom kits are now out of stock! Please look for a notice about 2017 kits in September of next year.


More Resources

Review our Writer Resources for more materials that we share directly with students—including pep talks by well-known authors.

Visit our forums to meet and exchange teaching ideas with fellow educators around the world.

Check out our small-group resources for a downloadable mini progress chart.


Celebrate your students' victories! Download the winner certificate PDF file, and fill in the fields on the computer or by hand. 

Check out the rest of the winner page

Celebrate your students' hard work! Download the participant certificate PDF file, and fill in the fields on the computer or by hand. 

Now What?

Wondering what to do with your students now that November's over? Check out our "Now What?" resources!