"The Time Balloon" by Leia F.

A 2019 Young Writers Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention

The balloon was pink and shiny, like a wad of bubblegum. Mikayla loved blowing it up just a little, so her mom, a dentist, would freak out, thinking Mikayla was chewing gum. Mikayla had won the balloon at her little sister Angie’s birthday. Some party favor.

One day, Mikayla was sitting in her room, blowing up the balloon. Suddenly, Angie burst into Mikayla’s room.

“Are you blowing that wretched balloon?” Angie asked. She had just learned the word wretched. Mikayla nodded. “Would you just tie it up and finish puffing?” Angie pushed. Be quiet, thought Mikayla. But Angie wouldn’t leave her alone. Mikayla sighed, blew up the balloon, and tied a knot at the bottom.

Well, now the balloon wasn’t fun anymore. Mikayla decided to pop the balloon, just to scare Angie. She grabbed a pencil and stabbed the balloon. The balloon popped with a POP and a whoosh of air. Angie screamed, but it was a happy scream, a scream you scream when it’s your birthday. Wait…

Mikayla had to blink several times. Someone dashed past. Was that Susie, Angie’s best friend? How was she in Mikayla’s room?

They weren’t in Mikayla’s room. Mikayla realized that they were in her backyard, which was decorated with paper chains, balloons, and paper streamers. A pink, frosted cake sat on a table next to the gate.

This was Angie’s 7th birthday.

“Good job, Mikayla!” someone cried. Mikayla looked around, startled. She turned to see herself wearing a blindfold, holding a bat. A piñata was swinging on the branch of a tree with goodies pouring out. The kids ran to catch them. Soon, all that was left was a pink balloon. The Mikayla from the past went to pick it up. The other Mikayla smiled, thinking about the surprise she was in for.

author photoAuthor Leia Fannin is 10 years old. When she isn't writing, she enjoys baking her famous snickerdoodles, drawing, dancing and hanging out with her friends. She lives in North Carolina, where she has plenty of supporters including her mom and dad, her brother Miles, her teachers, her friends, and her favorite stuffed animal Moose E. Moose, all of whom encourage her to never stop writing.