Help & FAQ

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the links below:

How  can I recover old/ missing work?

  1. To restore a chapter you deleted, click the "Recover all chapters" link in the bottom left of the writing space. If you don't see that link, it means you don't have any deleted chapters.

  2. To restore an older version of a chapter (because you made a change you didn't like, or accidentally deleted words), open the chapter and click the wrench next to the chapter title above the writing space. Click the "Restore from archive" link and look for the desired version of the chapter. 

How do I validate my novel and win? 

  1. Using the writing space to type your novel? You'll win automatically once you reach your word-count goal. Look for a winner pop-up and links to the winner page.

  2. Typing your novel somewhere else? Once you reach your goal, copy and paste your entire text into a chapter on the on-site writing space. There may be small differences between how your program counts words and how the on-site writing space does. Add as many words as you need to make the total on the site match the total on your program. Look for a winner pop-up and links to the winner page.

  3. Writing your novel by hand? Generate and paste enough Lorem Ipsum to reflect your final word count goal into a chapter on the on-site writing space. Look for a winner pop-up and links to the winner page.

Can I get a free printed hard copy of my novel if I meet my goal? 

In past years, we've been able to work with sponsors who offered NaNoWriMo winners a printed hard copy of their novels. Though we worked hard to secure a sponsor who would be able to do this for our winners this year, in the end, we weren't able to find a partner. That means we can't offer the free printed hard copy.

We know teachers especially appreciate these printed hard copies as a way to motivate and inspire students, so we apologize for not communicating this sooner. Some alternatives include submitting your story to online magazines that publish work from young people, purchasing a self-published copy of your novel on your own, or downloading a PDF of your novel from the on-site writing space and binding it yourself. 

We hope you find an alternative this year that makes you happy, and we hope to be able to offer this opportunity again in the future.

Will I still be able to work on my novel after November? 

YES! As long as you started a novel in November, you'll be able to work on it throughout the year. Your word count will keep going up, but won't be able to earn anymore badges. 
Educators, the virtual classrooms will be available throughout the school year as well. 
Happy writing!