Educators FAQ

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How do I enroll my students in the NaNoWriMo YWP program? How can I add them to my classroom?

Students must sign up for their own young writer accounts. If they sign up using your unique classroom code (found on the Admin section of your classroom), then they don't need access to email addresses, and they'll be automatically enrolled in your classroom as they sign up. 

They can also sign up independently and join your class from their dashboard, using that same classroom code. Learn more in Getting Started.

How can I add extra educators to my classroom?

Educators can join your class by clicking the “Join a class” link from the Classroom box on their dashboard, then inputting your unique classroom access code (found on the Admin section of your classroom).

How can I remove students or educators from my classroom?

Go to the Admin section of your classroom, then click the X in the tool column next to the student or educator you wish to remove.

Where do I find my classroom’s unique access code?

To find a classroom’s access code, first open up the classroom by clicking on the “My Classrooms” dropdown at the top of the page. Once you’ve opened up your desired classroom, go to its Admin section. Your classroom’s access code is in the Overview box in the upper right.

What's a NaNoWriMo classroom kit? Where do I get one?

If you are facilitating NaNoWriMo for 10 or more students in a school, library, or community center, we would love to send you one free 2017 classroom noveling kit! If you require additional kits, you can order our group noveling kit.

The classroom kit includes:

  • NaNoWriMo’s Triumphant Chart of Noveling Progress

  • NaNoWriMo’s "The Secret of the Thrilling Scene" poster, designed by Artists for Education

  • Up to 35 "I <3 Novels" stickers

  • Up to 35 NaNoWriMo YWP logo buttons

  • One Writer Emergency Pack

Can I create more than one classroom?

You can create as many classrooms as you want! Learn more on the Getting Started page.

How can I edit a classroom's settings, or delete a classroom? 

First, open the classroom you'd like to edit or delete from the Dashboard, the My Classrooms dropdown, or the View All Classrooms page. Then, go to that classroom's Admin section. Click the wrench in the upper right corner to edit or delete that class.

What should my students’ word count goals be?

Each writer’s goal will be different. Think about their writing experience, ages, schedules, and enthusiasm for NaNoWriMo. Their goals should be difficult but still achievable; inspiring, not discouraging. For some people, that means a goal of 1,000 words - for others, 100,000! We encourage young writers to adjust their goals throughout the month. Look to the Word-Count Goal How-To for more information and a suggested word-count guide.

How can my students participate if they don't have access to computers?

You're not required to sign your students up through our site in order for them to participate in NaNoWriMo. You can simply facilitate the event in your classroom with our Teaching Resources.

How can I edit my students’ word counts or word-count goals?

You can do this and more from the Admin section of your classroom. Just click a student’s word count or goal and change the number to edit it. Note: you’ll only be able to edit word counts for students who have opted to write their novel somewhere else and update manually, not students who are typing directly into the writing space.

How can I monitor my students’ progress?

You can do this and more from the Admin section of your classroom. To see a more complete view of a student’s progress, click the arrow next to their name.

How can I block students from chatting with each other or the class?

You can do this and more from the Admin section of your classroom. Click the lock icon next to the student you wish to block.

How can I change a student’s password or account info?

You can do this and more from the Admin section of your classroom. Just click the wrench in the toolbar next to the student’s name. Please be considerate of your students’ privacy and use this power responsibly.

How can I make a classroom chat topic educator-only?

From the Chat section of your classroom, click the title of the topic you wish to edit. When it opens in the chat display, click the wrench in the upper right of the box. Then, check the box that says “Educator posts only.” Enjoy your total posting freedom!

Can I write a novel on the site? Can students read my novel?

Yes! We love when educators write novels, and students do too! They’ll be able to see your progress (and race against you…) in the Novels section of your classroom, but they won’t be able to click into or read your novel. Only educators have that privilege.

How can I read, edit, or comment on students’ novels?

To read a student’s novel, click their title, either from the Novels or Admin section of your classroom. Once their novel is opened, you can make changes directly to it to edit. However, be careful! If a student has the novel opened simultaneously, chaos could ensure. Be sure it’s open in just one window at a time.

Right now, educators can’t comment on student novels, but we’re working on it for 2018!

My students met their word-count goals, but didn’t update them on the site in time. How can I make sure they appear as winners?

You can award student the Winner badge (and other badges they earned) from the Admin section of your classroom. Just click the arrow next to their name to open up the detailed view, then click on the badge(s) you wish to award.

Can my students get free printed copies of their novels if they win?

In past years, we've been able to work with sponsors who offered NaNoWriMo winners a free printed hard copy of their novels. This year, we weren’t able to secure a sponsor who could offer that. Options you can pursue on your own include submitting your work to an online magazine, self-publishing your book online, or downloading a PDF and binding your novel yourself.