Short Story Month in May


You've tried National Novel Writing Month, now get ready for a new challenge: to write a short story every day in May! 

How to participate: 

Set a personal challenge from your Dashboard. You can set a new challenge for every story you write, or just set one long challenge and write multiple short stories in the same document. To set a challenge, click "Yes please!" from the invitation box on your Dashboard. 

Set your word count goal based on how many stories you plan to write, and how long each story will be. For example, if you want to write a story each week, that's four stories total, and if each story will be about 5,000 words, then your total goal will be 20,000 words. You can ask an adult for help with the math if you get stuck, or if you're having a particularly un-mathy kind of day (it happens). 

Educators, if you want your class to participate, set a classroom challenge from the Challenges area of your classroom (otherwise you won't be able to track students' progress). 

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