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Lesson Plans

Our complete curricula will guide your class through its entire noveling journey, with Common Core-aligned lesson plans from prewriting to publishing.

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Middle School Workbook

Student Workbooks

Our workbooks help students create characters, build settings, and hatch plots. They can save their notes in free, downloadable PDFs, or you can order enough hard copies for your classroom.

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High School

Middle School (fully revised for 2019!)

Elementary School

NaNo Prep 101

This year, we've created something special: our NaNo Prep 101 Workshop! We asked first-time NaNoWriMo winners what went right for them, and then used their answers to create this 6-week novel prep course, filled with activities and resources to help you plan your novel. Follow along with us each week, or download the workbook to go at your own pace.

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Classroom Kits

Click here to fill out this two-question survey to claim your one free 2019 classroom kit now! Need more supplies? Purchase a group kit with identical contents for $5 or $10. 

We offer a free motivational classroom kit to educators facilitating NaNoWriMo. It includes a progress chart, stickers, buttons, and a Writer's Emergency Pack. 

And download our free digital classroom kit, which includes a PDF version of the progress poster, printable workbook prompts, illustrated pep talk quotes, printable pep talks, 2019 winner and participant certificates, NaNoWriMo bookmarks, family letters in English and Spanish, and more!

Brave the Page

The official NaNoWriMo handbook that inspires young people to tackle audacious goals and complete their creative projects.

Brave the Page cover

Partly a how-to guide on the nitty-gritty of writing, partly a collection of inspiration to set (and meet) ambitious goals, Brave the Page is the go-to resource for middle-grade writers. Narrated in a fun, refreshingly kid-friendly voice, it champions NaNoWriMo’s central mission that everyone‘s stories deserve to be told. The volume includes chapters on character, plot, setting, and the like; motivating essays from popular authors; advice on how to commit to your goals; a detailed plan for writing a novel or story in a month; and more. 

From our Kirkus Reviews starred review: "Though specifically targeting young writers, this upbeat handbook is a wonderful instruction guide for writers of any age as well as a perfect text for any creative-writing classroom."

Order your autographed copy (and support our non-profit)! 

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