Top 6 Most Useful Classroom Features You Might Not Know About

In order of no particular awesomeness:

  1. Any post you "emphasize" in classroom chat will appear in your students' NaNoFeeds on their Dashboards. Just click the loudspeaker icon after you write a post.

  2. You can block students from participating in Private Chat or Classroom Discussions. Click the lock icon under Direct Chat or Classroom Chat on your classroom's admin page.

  3. Click the arrow next to a student's name on your classroom's admin page to see an expanded view of their profile and novel, including various charts and stats. 

  4. To change the way students are listed on your classroom's admin page, just click a blue heading. Re-sort them alphabetically by classroom name, in descending or ascending order of word-count goals or progress, and more!

  5. You can award your students badges manually from your classroom admin page by clicking the arrow next to their name to open up the expanded view of their profiles, then clicking on a badge to the right. Note: Students should earn these badges automatically as they update their word counts, but you can also use them however you'd like to in your classroom.

  6. To make a class discussion topic educator-only and prevent all students from posting to it, just open up the topic, then click the wrench in the upper right to change the topic settings. You can also create new discussion topics using the plus sign to the left.

Use these powers wisely, Educator. With great power, comes great classroom management...or something like that.