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Read "The Frig," a Novel Excerpt Contest Runner-Up!

Last month, we challenged you to submit a 400 word excerpt from your NaNoWriMo novels. From over 500 fabulous entries, we chose two Grand Prize Winners and four Runners-Up. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did! (For more excerpts, check out this forum thread.)

"The Frig" by Kyler

The Food Variety Show was finally over. That night, all the food in the refrigerator chatted excitedly.

“I don’t care!” said Mushroom. He had received the lowest score in the show. “I don’t care about popularity!”

“Of course, you don’t care,” muttered Cheese, “If you cared, then you wouldn’t be playing in the mulch and dirt all day.”

“Little children are mean,” continued Mushroom, “and they don’t appreciate the art of fine dining.”

Tofu never felt that the students in the school were mean. Ethan was a forthright boy, and Alisson was knowledgeable. Charlotte was such a sweet girl who smiled at everyone, including the bully --- she even became his best friend. Tofu’s favorite student was Kyler. He loved all the foods, including Broccoli, Tomato, Tofu, and even Mushroom!

“You know, my cousin Truffle is so precious that he lives in guarded, special containers at Wegmans,” Mushroom said out loud, proudly.

“Really?” Tofu was surprised.

“He has been talking about Truffle nonstop today,” said Cheese.

Cheese only won a bronze medal this year. She was not happy. “I heard the judges complained about my color strokes. I lost a few points because of them.”

“They said cholesterol,” Onion corrected Cheese. He was the most knowledgeable food in the fridge. His friends called him Dr. O.

“Times are changing. We are going to have Food Health class starting next year. I heard that Tofu was very good in that class back in her country,” Onion added.

“Excellent!” Cheese smiled. “She is my best friend, and she will help me, right?” Cheese turned to Tofu, but she could see that Tofu was not happy at all.

“What happened? Why do you look so sad?”

“I got a low score in the Variety Show.” Tofu answered in a low voice.

“My score was even lower!” Mushroom said. “It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. It only matters what you think of yourself.”

“I know, thank you. I feel much better now.” Tofu sighed; she didn’t look better at all.

“Humm… girls,” Mushroom shook his head and walked away. “I won’t join this silly event next time!”

Cheese gave Tofu a gentle hug.

“Ignore those boys. You can teach me food health and I will help you in the next Food Variety Show, I promise that you will get a medal,” She winked at Tofu, “I have my special ingredients.”

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Kyler is a young writer who enjoys hockey, swimming and skateboarding. He is currently a 3rd Grader from Westbriar Elementary school. He had published stories in magazines including StoneSoup Magazine, StoryMonster Inc., Guardian Angel Kids Magazine and Amazing Kids EMagazine.

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