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30 Covers, 30 Days 2021 is here!

Hello, Wrimos!

If you've participated in NaNo before, you might have heard of 30 Covers 30 Days. If you haven’t…do we have a surprise for you! This is going to be bigger than any new binge-worthy Netflix show! And it’s still pretty exciting even if you have heard of it before!

What is 30 Covers, 30 Days?

30 Covers, 30 Days (or 30C30D) is an event that happens every November, in which 30 participants are selected to receive a unique cover for their novel. These covers come courtesy of the talented, professional graphic designers that our amazing 30C30D coordinator, Debbie Millman, has recruited.

Each designer has 96 hours to design a cover, and one of these covers will be posted every day of November on the NaNoWriMo blog, forums, and Instagram!

Some of our past covers can be viewed here.

Maybe now you may be wondering, so how do I submit my novel?

Just fill out this nomination form. You can nominate somebody else’s novel, or your own. It should be noted:

  • Your real/legal name is not required. If you have a preferred name, pen name, or any other kind of name you would like to use, feel free!
  • Make sure you read over your form carefully, because there’s no way to update the info. If you need to correct something, please submit a Withdrawal Form, and then re-submit your novel.
  • The submission form will remain open until November 15th. If you don’t quite know what your novel is about yet, don’t worry! Take a week or two to figure it out, and then submit! There’s no priority based on submission date.
  • If your novel is selected, we’ll get in touch with you for final permissions, and to make sure that all the info is up to date.
  • Visit the NaNo Artisans Forum! If you want to make a cover, or if you just can’t imagine enduring the suspense of 30C30D, it’s a great place to connect with graphically minded people! Be nice to each other out there!

After you nominate a novel, we know the waiting time is a stressful, but exciting time. And if you decide not to nominate a novel you can still check out the awesome covers and book blurbs by fellow Wrimos.

So what are you waiting for, Wrimos?


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