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From the Blog: "6 Factors That Can Influence Your Writing"

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Have you ever considered how the environment you write in can affect the tone of your stories? Well pull up a chair and get comfortable! Young Writer Sarah R. is here to share how we can use our environments to suit our writing needs. 

Environments can greatly influence how you write. They can determine if you write poetry or a mystery novel. Or if your writing is romantic and heartfelt or thrilling and spooky. Here’s a list of a few environmental factors that may give you ideas or help you dive into your writing:

1. Your Home
First off, the home you were (or are currently being) raised in can influence how you write. You may have been raised in a family that has traveled around the world since you were a baby, or maybe you’ve lived in the same house your entire life. Either way, it affects the way you write.

I lived in Costa Rica for 11-12 months of my life. I remember it. I remember missing my friends and family, but I also remember how exciting and nerve-racking it was to move. Just like if you lived in the same house you may remember how boring or how peaceful it was. You can work all of these feelings into your story.

2. Your Online Communities
Online environments can influence your writing too. Let’s use NaNoWriMo as an example. When you’re on NaNoWriMo you may feel more inspired to write since you’re around other writers. You can find the inspiration you needed to continue writing, which could affect what your entire story is about.

Maybe while you were online you found an idea to implement into your story. When you add that it makes the story different from what it would have been if you’d never found the idea. What we see, hear, and talk about online can influence what we write and how we write it.

3. Your Writing Space
Even where we write can influence our writing. Maybe sitting at your desk with open windows and a slight breeze helps you write. Maybe sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor helps you write (although I wouldn’t recommend doing this as you may get in the way). Making your writing space comfortable to write in is key. If you’re uncomfortable, it could decrease your desire to write. So, make your space comfortable and inviting.

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Sarah R. is a writer and blogger from Missouri. In her free time, you can find her writing, reading, scrolling through Pinterest, or laughing her head off at something that really wasn’t that funny. She enjoys writing fantasy and romance the most and she is working on a couple of writing projects right now. She hopes to publish a novel someday. Aside from reading and writing, you can occasionally find her taking photos, making videos, or baking.

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