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From The Blog: Unleash Your Inner Wrimo

NaNoWriMo may be over, but sadly, writer’s block is a year-round headache. Want to know what YWP Participant Jonia C. has to say about it? (For more articles like this, explore the NaNoWriMo blog!)

We are through November, writers! You’ve made it so far and might I say that it is very impressive. Before continuing, throw a party for yourself!! 

Okay, now down to business. You’ve been writing every day: counting words, coming up with storylines, and then (on one gloomy morning) you can’t write! Creative mojo? Gone. Wit? Out of stock.

This, dear readers, is known as writer’s block. The enemy of all writers. But you can beat it. Here are a few tips:

  1. Go to a library and read something that inspires you (I like to read PEANUTS comic strips.)
  2. Observe the world around you.
  3. Watch your family. Maybe your Mom or your dog or your roommate can inspire something in one of your characters.
  4. JUST WRITE. Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and freestyle.

Okay, you might think that last one was useless but think about it: outside of NaNoWriMo you’ve got a lot of thoughts going through your head. So, funnel them all into one place, maybe a notebook or a document where you jot down all your ideas. What could go wrong?

Of course, you might find that annoying little voice of doubt saying: “What kind of story IS this?!’’ Here is a tip: just ignore it. Put on your favorite music and ignore it. Writing isn’t about wondering, “Is this good enough?” Stories tell people the world from your perspective. Not his. Not hers. Not theirs. Yours. That is the art of storytelling.

Then another question comes up: will anyone read my story? Want the truth? Yes. Yes, they will. Now there will be negative comments in the world of writing, of course. We call that constructive criticism. We need that criticism in order to become better writers. Writers everywhere know that writing is about paying attention to the comments. Many authors have experienced negative comments but to them it’s just a note like: ‘’Okay. I’ll put that in my back pocket for later,’’ and they continue on their way.

As I have said before, writing stories shows others the world from your perspective. You write because it’s for you to enjoy. If somebody doesn’t? Their loss. Write what you want to write, not what the world wants to hear. The joy of writing lies in that last sentence. You want motivation? Do you want to know why you write? Ask yourself that question and you’ll create stories so good EVERYONE will want to read them.

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Jonia is eleven years old and enjoys riding a bike on a sunny day, knitting, listening to music and writing. Jonia is a Shakespeare fan and loves to play badminton. She is a part of the Fayette County Public Library classroom. You may follow her on Etsy and buy handmade earrings at: Jonia has been writing short stories in the past six years and likes writing about the challenges of being a writer. And she has thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog.

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