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Vote for NaNoWrIMo today and change lives!

Could your 2016 use a little more awesomeness? Then we’ve got some good news for you: it’s Project for Awesome time!

Project for Awesome, or P4A, is an annual fundraiser during which the YouTube community raises money and awareness for nonprofit organizations. We’re in the running for a grant from P4A, and your vote can help us win.

This is how you vote:

  1. Go to the NaNoWriMo page on the Project for Awesome site above.

  2. Click on each video.

  3. Hit the big “Vote” button. 

Please vote for all the videos about us—voting is cumulative across all videos!

Take it one step further

Once you've voted, take it one step further!

  1. Share our Facebook post with your friends and family. Tell them why NaNoWriMo matters to you, and ask them to vote for us.
  2. Retweet our tweet to help us get the word out.

Thank you.

As a thank-you for your vote and for your help in spreading the word, we’re offering a limited-time coupon code to the NaNoWriMo store.

From now until P4A voting ends on Sunday at 9 AM PST, take 10% off your order with the coupon code VOTEP4A.

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