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From the Blog: 3 Tips for Staying Motivated


Maybe some of us need some motivation, especially as we continue our drafts during CampNaNoWriMo. Ava Lofty has offered her best advice on what someone should do to get their motivation back.

After a long day, you finally sit down at your desk, a mug of tea in hand. It is finally time for you to work on your novel. You open up your computer and bring up your book draft, ready to bring your story to life. Your hands hover over the keyboard. You stare at the screen for a long while. Suddenly, the blank page in front of you seems far too big, and you find yourself devoid of ideas. Where did your motivation go? 

Staying motivated is hard. Many people, when they lack motivation, end up forever leaving their drafts unfinished. Writing a book is a challenge. It can seem like an unachievable task. What happens if you lack motivation? What should you do? Well, the one thing you shouldn’t do is give up writing your story. If you want to be a writer, you have to write. 

Here are some tips that have helped me regain my footing when I have reached standstills in the past.

1. Take a break

This piece of advice might seem counterproductive. Why should you get away from your book if you need to be working on it? Taking a step back away from your book can often lead to breakthroughs. Get outside, go visit with a friend, read a book, or even watch some TV. Inspiration can strike out of nowhere. At the end of the day, come back to your document. See if you can put words to the page again. 

2. Change things up a bit

Try writing somewhere else. Add a new side character based on someone you talked with recently. Mix in current events or things you are passionate about into your writing. The sky is the limit! Even if you end up disliking what you write down in your first draft, you can always go back and edit it later. You cannot edit and improve your book if the words are not even written in the first place!

Lack of motivation can come from writing a chapter you are not excited about. Against popular opinion, you do not have to go in sequential order. When I was writing my first book, I started working on the last chapter and made my way back to chapter one. While it might seem odd to jump around, it can be beneficial. It can help you keep writing. If you have a scene you are itching to write, why not write it down now? 

3. Look at the short-term, not the long-term

Writing a book can be overwhelming at times. You might look at your document and realize how much work is needed to finish the first draft. The draft itself will still need countless hours of rewriting and revamping, even when completed. If you sit and dwell on all the details, you will get overwhelmed. This is why it is crucial to set short-term goals as well as long-term ones. If you only plan to finish writing your book, it will be a challenging goal to tackle. Instead of focusing on the big picture, focus on the short-term. What is a reasonable daily word-count goal? 

By figuring this out, you will be less likely to get overwhelmed by the idea of writing a book. As long as you hold yourself to your short-term goals, you will be able to finish your story. 

I hope you use some of these tips to keep motivated. I can’t wait to read your future books one day!


Two-time NaNoWriMo participant Ava Lofty is the self-published author of the Loftia Legends YA series. When not writing, she can be found reading, drawing, or binge-watching her favorite Netflix shows. She lives in Arizona, where she attends school. She is currently working on her 5th novel entitled Loftia Legends: A Fallen Star. You can find Ava on Instagram as @avalofty, and her website is Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash  

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