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From the Blog: How to Make Your Writing Space Perfect for You


Haven’t done your spring cleaning yet! No worries, May is a great time to start reorganizing your writing space, and maybe, it’s even time to make a change. Read this amazing article about making your writing space work for you by Bernadette Benda!

A good writing space is essential. You’ll probably spend a lot of time there, and if you’re not spending a lot of time there, you’re spending deeply focused time. It needs to be special, inspirational, and fit all your writing needs. 

Here are four steps to help you get there. 

Step 1: Dream

Go on Pinterest. Instagram. Scroll through all the deliriously wonderful writing spaces. Go wild and collect all the impossible dream rooms. Then, pinpoint the elements of those dream rooms that you like the most and see what can be incorporated into your own. Maybe you can’t turn your bedroom into a loft in NYC, but maybe you can add more plants and posters. Maybe you can’t paint your living room yellow, but maybe you can incorporate yellow accessories.  

Dream big, then break it down into the practical. 

Step 2: Location

My preferred space is a quiet, closed door situation because in all ways but literally, I am in fact a hermit. That being said, the best space is always the space that you have. Whether that’s a bedroom, office, living room, kitchen table, or heck, your car. If you can, plop yourself down in front of a window. Nothing is more inspirational than looking up and seeing the sky. 

Seating is also really important. Pick something soft so you’re comfortable sitting for a while, and something good for your back and shoulders so you don’t get upper crossed syndrome (a fancy way of saying tight upper back). 

Step 3: Set up

Keep your writing space clear, or crowd it with things that inspire you. 

I personally like to have a mix of a clean desk with some inspiration and encouragement scattered around (like my favorite “Failure is not an option” poster). This is a good place to look back at those dream room ideas and see what elements you can bring in. Whether you like a lot of pictures on the walls, lots of plants, or nothing at all, go for it. 

Step 4: Everything within reach 

Make sure you have everything you need right there, so you can eliminate any chances of standing up. (Standing up can be really helpful when stumped on something, but if you’re really into your writing, the last thing you want to do is disturb the moment.)  

Besides your actual writing equipment, snacks and beverages are the next most important things. Caffeinated beverages are the classic standby, but don’t forget about water. You need water. Drink water. Fill up a gigantic water bottle and sit it down next to you. And don’t forget any notebooks, sticky notes, or reference books that you’ll be needing.  

Last but not least, don’t ever be afraid to invest in your writing space. It’s worth it. Your writing is worth it. Your writing space is your office building, your bat cave, your hidden fortress. Investing in your writing space is a promise that a lot of incredible stuff is going to happen there. 

So go make it amazing. 


Bernadette Benda is a writer, professional dancer, and small business owner living in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. She is most often found surrounded by notebooks and snacks, while listening to an obsessive amount of Hans Zimmer. Find more about her writing journey on her blog 

Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash  

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