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Camp Care Package: Refine and share your plan.

Your daily Camp Care Package is brought to you in partnership with We Need Diverse Books. Author Sona Charaipotra brings us this week's Camp Care Packages:

Once you have your outline, refine itjust like you would the draft. Writing a story, script, or novel is like piecing together a puzzle. Not everything will fit just right the first time aroundand pieces may be missing. Rework and move things around until it feels stable, doable, and, well, right.

And, just like a puzzle, it can help to have a second set of eyes. Talk your story through and share your outline with a critique partner or two while you’re working on this stage. I always say two brains are better than one, if they’re the right two brains. Sometimes a pal can articulate the particular insight or twistiness you’re scratching at but just can’t reach. Plus, having people invested at this early stage will up your accountability for later.

Who will you share your outline with? Share your thoughts with Sona, or thank her for today's #CampCarePackage!

Camp Goings-On

  • If you're working on an editing project for this Camp session, we've got lots of good advice over on our blog.

  • Participate in a Tweet Chat with Sona and our other Camp Counselors!Follow the #CampNaNoAdvice tag on Twitter next Wednesday, July 5, at 10 am PDT to ask our Counselors your writing questions.

Today's Prep Challenge

Tell someone something new about the project you're working on for Camp. It can be one detail (i.e. a character's name, an event from the history or backstory of your world), or a major plot point (i.e. when Luke finds out who his father really is). Bonus: generate some suspense, so you leave that person asking, "So what happens next?!"

Sona Charaipotra

Sona Charaipotra is not a doctor—much to her parents’ chagrin. They were really hoping she’d grow up to take over their pediatrics practice one day. Instead, she became a writer, working first as a celebrity reporter at People and (the dearly departed) TeenPeoplemagazines, and contributing to publications from the New York Times to TeenVogue. These days, she spends a lot of time poking plot holes in her favorite teen TV shows—for work, of course. She’s the co-founder of CAKE Literary, a boutique book packaging company with a decidedly diverse bent, and the co-author of the YA dance dramas Tiny Pretty Things and Shiny Broken Pieces. She’s also proud to serve as the head of content for the non-profit We Need Diverse Books.

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