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Camp Care Package: Look to your characters.

Your daily Camp Care Package is brought to you in partnership with We Need Diverse Books. Author Patrice Caldwell brings us this week's Camp Care Packages:

I write character-driven stories, which means I heavily depend on my characters to lead. Often when I get stuck, it’s because I’m having my character do something for the plot that doesn't fit their character.

When this happens, I ask myself what their motivation is in this scene. Why are they doing what they’re doing, and, most of all, what is it they’re afraid of? Often, I can use these fears to push the story forward.

What is your character afraid of? Share your thoughts with Patrice, or thank her for today's #CampCarePackage!

Camp Goings-On

Today's Writing Challenge

Pick a scene that you feel dissatisfied with, and do an in-depth analysis of each character's motivations in that scene. Focus particularly on what those characters fears—what they're trying to overcome or what they're running away from.

Patrice Caldwell

Patrice Caldwell is a twentysomething introvert gone wild. By day, she’s a book editor, and by night, weekend, and early morning (if she’s had enough green tea) she’s a writer. You can learn more about Patrice, her writing, editorial wishlist, favorite books, and general musings at her website. You can also find her on Twitter, her secondary home.

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