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How'd Camp go for you, writer?

camp nanowrimo

Thank you so much for writing with us this April! Whether you wrote one word or one hundred million billion words (times a thousand), we hope you had fun meeting your characters, exploring your world, and hopefully making yourself laugh or cry at least once along the way. 

Take our Camp NaNoWriMo survey! Your feedback matters to us: this survey helps us see which parts of Camp NaNoWriMo are successful, and which parts could use some work. We love to hear your opinions! 

What's Happening Next with NaNoWriMo:

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! — To all our YWP Educators, thank you for being such bright, creative forces in the world! We hope you find a place to share or hang up this small poster-shaped token of our gratitude. (Also available in black and white.)

Continue Writing with a Personal Goal — You can create new personal goals if you want to keep your writing momentum going.

5 Tips for Finishing Your Novel — If you didn't quite make it to the end of your story during Camp, here are some tips to help you finish your draft.

Write For the NaNoWriMo Blog! — Do you have some advice to share or an experience you want to tell the world? Write for our blog!

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month — Check out the latest books by Asian American and Pacific Islander authors we've partnered with! 

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