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Thank you for writing me! Love, Your Project

camp nanowrimo

How did your Camp NaNoWriMo go, Writer?

Maybe you wrote every day and met your goal; maybe you wrote every day and didn't. Maybe you didn't do much writing after that first week, or even after that first day. It happens to everyone once in a while (trust us)!

The important thing is that you took the first steps towards finishing a writing project, and that's a big deal! You've got an idea, a first sentence, paragraphs, chapters, maybe even an entire first draft. Woo hoo, Writer! We're excited to see what you do next. (Our Flash Fiction contest, maybe? Or an HP Victory Day poem?)

Doing my happy dance with you,

Marya Brennan
Young Writers Program Director

Write a short flash fiction story (up to 300 words) that somehow includes a balloon and submit your work between May 1 and 31 for the chance to be featured on the YWP website and NaNoWriMo blog. Plus, some big news: author Claire Kann will read the finalists and choose winners! *Insert sound we make when we're too excited to make sounds!* 

Join our Harry Potter Flash Fic Fest on May 2!

In the wizarding world, May 2 is Victory Day—the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts and the day that the magical community came together to defeat Voldemort for good. It is a day of celebration and reminder that all of us can be heroes when we choose love and action over hate.

This year, for our 10th anniversary of Accio Books and in the name of joy and hope in the face of evil, @TheHPAlliance, @nanowrimo​​, and @blackgirlscreate invite you to write and share a short flash fiction story or poem commemorating Victory Day!

This could take many forms; perhaps retelling the story of that day from a new character's perspective, perhaps a commemorative poem marking the anniversary, or how the legend of Victory Day has been passed on over the years.

To share your Victory Day story, post your original piece and tag it #AccioBooks! On May 2nd, we’ll share and celebrate your stories for Victory Day!

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