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Celebrate your Camp NaNoWriMo journey!

camp nanowrimo

It can be hard to brag sometimes. We’re raised to be humble, modest, polite. Like now, if someone asked what you were up to in July, you might be tempted to answer, “Oh, I was just writing a thing, no big deal.”

Well, we are here to tell you this: it is a huge deal! A humongous, fantabulous, totally amazing deal, and you are amazing for writing it. Whether or not you met your goal, you took the first steps on a project, and trust us—those can be some of the hardest.

So here’s what we're asking you to do: don’t be humble about this. Don’t be polite. Shout it loud and proud from the (virtual or non-virtual) rooftops. Say, “I wrote a beautiful, wonderful, totally remarkable thing during Camp NaNoWriMo and sometimes it was hard, but I still tried, and yes, I will accept all the praise and pie you have, thank you!”

We’ll be shouting for you, too, Writer. You deserve it!


Marya Brennan
Young Writers Program Director


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