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Thank you for writing me! Love, Your Project

camp nanowrimo

How did your Camp NaNoWriMo go, Writer?

Maybe you wrote every day and met your goal; maybe you wrote every day and didn't. Maybe you didn't do much writing after that first week, or even after that first day. It happens to everyone once in a while (trust us)!

The important thing is that you took the first steps towards finishing a writing project, and that's a big deal! You've got an idea, a first sentence, paragraphs, chapters, maybe even an entire first draft. Woo hoo, Writer! We're excited to see what you do next (we suggest checking out our Young Writers Flash Fiction Contest!). 

Doing my happy dance with you,

Marya Brennan
NaNoWriMo Program Director

May is Short Story Month, the perfect opportunity to try out all the smaller, non-novel ideas that have been buzzing around your head. As an added bonus for our young writers (18 and under), we hereby present... the Young Writers Flash Fiction Contest!

Write a short flash fiction story (up to 300 words) that somehow includes these 3 words: rainbow, spider, cake. They can be spread out, or all in one sentence. They can come at the beginning, the middle, or the end. Fantasy or realism, comedy or thriller, it's all up to you! Author Amy Spalding will be guest judging the finalists.

Learn more about the contest!

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