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Get inspired this summer with Camp NaNoWriMo!

camp nanowrimo

Camp NaNoWriMo is a writing event that happens in April and July. Think of it as the training montage before the big NaNoWriMo event in November. You can work on ANY type of creative project, not just a novel. First drafts or revision, scripts or stories or poems or essays... all are welcome! You could even use it as a chance to plan out your NaNoWriMo novel ahead of time. 

We'll post helpful tips from Camp Counselors in Breaking News, and you can chat with other writers in the Camp NaNoWriMo forum. Writing is more fun with friends!

Visit Camp on YWP to learn more!

How can you participate?

  • Create your Camp project on the YWP site and write in our one-of-a-kind writing space, complete with stats, charts, dares, and word sprints. Chat with other young writers doing Camp in the Camp NaNoWriMo forum. Just accept the Camp NaNoWriMo dare from your Dashboard to get started!

  • 13 or older? Sign up for a Camp NaNoWriMo account to track goals based on word count, hours, or pages and join an online cabin with up to 20 other writers.

  • Want to participate offline? Check out our Summer Writing Program resources! We've also got materials for adults interested in leading groups of young writers this summer.


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