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You did it!

Congratulations, Writer!

You've poured your sweat and tears and snot and soul into this story for an entire month (at least!) and now that November's over you can dance the sweet dance of success.


Yes, we said success. Maybe you reached your word-count goal, maybe you didn't. Either way, you set out to do something incredible, and that's more than many people ever do. You made a commitment, you followed through, and that counts as a win in our book.


You might spend December revising your novel on the YWP site, or you might spend it finishing your story—but either way, take a moment now to breathe, to let this feeling sink into your bones, and to take a well-earned nap. You did it, writer! From NaNoWriMo headquarters, we salute you.

Han Solo salute

With all our love and verbs,

Marya Brennan, Young Writers Program Manager
+ the entire NaNoWriMo staff

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