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Join author Jack Gantos for a NaNo Prep webcast!

Ever wondered how authors get through writer's block, where they find their best story ideas, or what they eat for breakfast? 

Newbery Award-winning author Jack Gantos will answer those questions and more this Friday, October 20 at 10 AM PDT during a special NaNo Prep webcast. Can't make it? Watch the archived video later using the same link!

Join Jack Gantos for the special NaNo Prep webcast!

Submit your questions for Jack to answer on-air!

Writing Radar

Discover your "writing radar!"

This year, NaNoWriMo is teaming up with Newbery Award-winning author Jack Gantos to help share Writing Radar, his brand new writing guide. It's full of funny and practical advice for how to be the best brilliant writer, perfect for anyone who dreams of seeing their name on the spine of a book. With his characteristic wit and humor, Jack shows young writers how to use their “writing radar” to find story ideas in their own lives. Check out Jack's website for more Writing Radar videos, writing tips, and information about his other books.

Why I Write

October 20 is also National Day on Writing! Now in its 9th year, this annual event celebrates the importance of writing in our daily lives. Across the country in schools, libraries, homes, businesses, and even on sidewalks, folks will be finding creative ways to tell the world why they write. All of this gets shared out using the #WhyIWrite hashtag. 

Learn more at, or download an informational flyer

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