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Get ready to write your novel!

Want to write a novel this November but not sure where to start? Here are three resources guaranteed to help you go from "Help, I need an idea!" to "Help, I have too many ideas and I need to start writing now, get a me a pencil or a computer or a quill pen quick!"

Plus, stay tuned next week when you'll be able to accept the official November NaNoWriMo challenge from your dashboard and dive into our NaNo Prep 101 Workshop resources.

1. Participate in our September #InstaWrimo challenge on Instagram. 

Get into that noveling state of mind with a month of Instagram prompts designed to help you prep. Post a photo each day in September, or explore the hashtag to get inspired by our community. Follow us on Instagram to join in! 


  • Use the 30 photo prompts listed in the graphic above to start thinking about your novel. Think of them as suggestions—you can interpret them as literally or as whimsically as you like. You can post a photo for each of the prompts, or choose just a few. You can post one every day, or all at once. There aren’t any strict rules—the most important part is having fun!
  • Make sure to tag any posts with the #InstaWrimo hashtag so we can find them. We’ll pick photos from the challenge to feature on our own Instagram account throughout the month. Follow the hashtag to see what our awesome community is up to, and to get inspired. You can also tag a friend you think would like to join you in the challenge!
  • Use your imagination, get creative, and get ready to write!  

2. Read Brave the Page, our new handbook for young writers. 

brave the page

Our new novel-writing book includes chapters on things like character, plot, and setting; motivating messages from popular authors; advice on how to commit to your goals; a detailed plan for writing a novel or story in a month; and more! Thank you to all the YWP writers who submitted advice. You might see your words in print! And if not, you can still check out the back of the book for a special shout-out. 

Read an excerpt about gathering ideas, or buy your autographed copy today!

3. Get inspired by other young writers!

Whether you're stuck in the middle of a draft or staring at a blank page, these young writers have advice for you. (Have something you'd like to write for our blog? Fill out the interest form!)

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