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Stay creative through holiday break!
gif of Jack Skellington

For many of us, it's almost holiday break, which means more time for sleeping in, watching some classic seasonal movies, and (you guessed it)... writing! 

Here are five ways to stay creative throughout the rest of 2022:

1. Set a new personal challenge to run throughout your break.

Use the "Personal Challenge" tool on your Dashboard to start a new project. You can set the time limit for as long or as short as you want it to be. We suggest between one and two weeks, just enough time to write a short story, keep a holiday journal, or write some more chapters for your 2022 NaNo project.

2. Try your hand at haiku.

Take a detour and nurture your creativity in a different kind of way. At NaNoWriMo, we normally go big—now's your chance to go small! Learn about how to write haiku. 

A leaf falls.
NaNo ends, but not
your story.

3. Work on your creative letter writing—and get crafty!

Send holiday or New Year messages to people you care about. Maybe even try out one of these DIY pop-up cards! Or, keep it simple: fold card stock or construction paper in half, write on the inside, and collage the front. I love illustrations or text from old books, but you could use photos, fancy tape, wrapping paper—anything you like! 

4. Play some creative games with your friends or family.

Two of our NaNoWriMo HQ favorites include Exquisite Corpse and this game, which I've always just called writey-drawy—maybe you'll come up with a better name for it!

5. Make a 2023 vision board. 

Do some dreaming about what you'd like your next year to look like... then make a vision board! This article lays how the general steps (maybe it's a little cheesy, too, but oh well! Embrace the cheese! Cheese for all!).

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