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NaNoWriMo is here! Let's do this thing.

It's here, it's here, it's here! I hope your fingers are moving fast and loose like this:


Or like this:


Or maybe even like this:


But if you're staring a blank page, I have a secret for you: your first sentence doesn't matter. 

Your first chapter doesn't matter. You'll return to these pieces again and again as you write and revise your story, discovering your characters, perfecting your plot. These pieces will change, and for the better.

As participant Jessica W. said, "NaNoWriMo is the chance to abandon rules and embrace the 'what ifs.'"

And the only important thing about the beginning? To begin.

So start with some action. Start with dialogue. Start with your character falling asleep at their desk and poking themselves in the eye with a pencil, or with flying monkeys, or with underwater amusement parks and a robot dog who ends up being the villain.

Just start.

Excited to wonder about all the "what ifs" with you,

Marya Brennan,
Young Writers Program Director

Write with us this Saturday!

NaNoWriMo's Double-Up Donation Day is this Saturday, November 3. We'll be running three Virtual Write-Ins on YouTube and a day-long stream of prompts and behind-the-scenes activity on Instagram. 

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