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Ready, set... write! November is finally here!

National Novel Writing Month is finally here, Writer! From the moment you add that very first word to your story, you're a writer—no matter if you don't have a clue what the second, thousandth, or ten thousandth word will be. That's the beautiful thing about writing: the only way to do it is one word after the other, on and on into the unknown.

So, here's our tried and true novel-beginning advice: don't sweat it too much. In fact, don't sweat it at all. The only important thing about beginning a rough draft is to actually begin it, to keep moving forward, and to not look back. Still feeling stuck? Borrow one of our opening lines! You can always revise it in December.

  • "Today seemed like just another ordinary day, until..."

  • "All the trouble we're in now can be traced back to the moment when..."

  • "The three most important things you should know about me are..."

  • And finally, "Once upon a time..." We're serious. Like we said before, any beginning that helps you get writing is a good beginning.

Good luck, Writer! All of us at NaNo HQ are cheering you on!

Marya Brennan
Director of Programs (and your #1 biggest fan!)

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