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Love making videos? Help NaNoWriMo win a Project for Awesome grant!

Project for Awesome is a yearly event where YouTube creators submit short videos advocating for their favorite charity or nonprofit. In the past, NaNoWriMo has received significant grants from P4A to help support our programs.

If you’re able to make and submit a short video about what NaNoWriMo means to you, you would help our nonprofit potentially earn a really important grant! 

Just make sure to upload your video to YouTube and submit it to Project For Awesome 2022 by Wednesday, February 23rd.

Important Dates

  • The submission window for uploading P4A videos will be from 12 am EST on February 9th and 11:59 am EST on Wednesday, February 23rd Wednesday.
  • Voting for videos will be open from 12:00 pm EST on Friday, February 25th through 11:59 am EST on Sunday, February 27th.

Essentially, the more videos that are uploaded in support of NaNoWriMo, the better our chances of getting the votes to win the grant will be!

Video Guidelines

If you are a person with a YouTube channel, or know someone who has a YouTube channel, or are just generally familiar with the basics of video editing, we’d love it if you wanted to make a video about NaNoWriMo for P4A! The videos are encouraged to be short and do not have to be heavily edited or produced at all, this is not a case of needing to be fancy! You can check out last year's videos here

You can find more information about sharing a video for Project for Awesome here . If you’d like us to know that you made a video, feel free to email! You can also email that address with any questions. 

Our staff is also working on a video, and we’ll be promoting all the videos made in support of NaNoWriMo throughout the voting weekend.

Thank you for helping to make NaNoWriMo even more awesome!

Interested in revising and publishing resources? Check out our "Now What?" page for workbooks, flair, our event calendar, and more!

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