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Vote for NaNoWriMo on Project for Awesome!

UPDATE: Project for Awesome has started! This weekend, vote for all the NaNoWriMo videos to help us raise money. It's easy:

  1. Go to the P4A NaNoWriMo page.

  2. Open each video and click on the big "VOTE" button (you can also vote multiple times by opening different browsers).

  3. If you can, share with people on social media! We have a Facebook post, a Tumblr post, some tweets to re-tweet, or a pre-populated tweet inviting people to vote.

Just in case you aren't sure what to do with all this free time you suddenly have now that NaNoWriMo has ended... maybe you'd like to make a video about NaNoWriMo for Project for Awesome!

film a video

You can get the full details about P4A on their website, but here's a quick recap:

During Project for Awesome, December 15-17, thousands of people post videos about and advocating for charities that decrease the overall level of world suck. The P4A community (including all of you!) promotes and votes on these videos and raises money for the charities.

Make a video!

Want to make a video? Awesome!

  1. Make a video about NaNoWriMo and why it matters, to you and to the world. Talk about how it's changed your life, or about how it's making a more creative world.

  2. Upload it to YouTube on December 15th, then submit it to the P4A website, making sure to tag it with "NaNoWriMo". (Hank Green has some great tips on how to make a good video, or you can find more on the Project for Awesome website. Key suggestion: aim for 2-4 minutes.)

You can see some example videos from past years here.

You can submit videos and vote for your favorites from 12:00 PM EST on December 15 through 11:59 AM EST on December 17

Vote for NaNoWriMo's videos!

Can't make a video? That's okay! Just be sure to vote for all our videos. Go to the P4A website between 12:00 PM EST on December 15 and 11:59 AM EST on December 17, search for NaNoWriMo videos, and vote for all of them. 

The money we've received from Project for Awesome has been a huge help in past years, and we are really hoping for another grant to give us a year-end boost. You can learn more about where that money goes here.

Feel free to ask any questions in the Project for Awesome post in the Recess Forum!

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