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Participant Pep Talk from Wafaa

We writers are a pretty ambitious bunch. Whether it’s being published, changing the world, or just writing a decent story you seek, it’s a difficult task you assign to yourself. Which is why it can sometimes feel futile! And hopeless! And difficult! We’re well into Camp by now, and you’ve probably hit your slumps and high points and might be starting to feel some sense of weariness settling in.

I am now here to tell you: there is hope! Your goals aren’t quite as unattainable as they seem. In fact, if you want to achieve them, there’s actually this simple little tool — with massive effects — that you should be using.

This is the single greatest thing you can do for your goals and ambitions. You’ll have heard of it before. But stick with me for a moment; it’s important enough that you might need to hear it again.

The key is consistency.

Before you start complaining, let me ask you a question. Haven’t you ever wished you could just call upon inspiration at will? That you could just sit down bubbling with energy and enthusiasm every day? How easy writing would be then. What brilliant, devoted writers we would be.

But unfortunately, that’s not how we work. As writers, we all have this little muse. This is what compels us to write, what bursts out of nowhere at the most inconvenient times, flooding us with glorious inspiration. It’s beautiful. But it’s also very unpredictable. We can’t force it to work with us at will.

So why is this relevant? Why should you care? Well, you should care because although we can’t control our muse, there is something else we can do. Something better, I would argue.

We can sit down. We can write. We can work hard. And we can be consistent with what we do.

What will happen then? We’ll learn to push through. We’ll learn to write when we don’t feel like it. We’ll learn to be independent of this muse. We’ll also make it easier for this muse to express itself.

When you’re writing consistently, when you’ve been writing, inspiration is more likely to come. Once you can make yourself to write, once you can work hard and get something out — once you’re in charge, you can almost force this part of you to submit. Key word: almost. It’s better than nothing.

Let’s be honest here: while you may write your best in the grip of this fey muse, it’s not actually going to get you anywhere. You’ll scribble something once a month. Return a year later. But if you work hard and consistently? Not only will it strike more often, but you’ll be improving in the meantime as well. You’ll be gaining skills. Ultimately, your brilliance will come from hard work and perseverance, not this writer’s muse.

So. Develop a habit. Stick with it. Be stubborn, more stubborn than your muse.

You must have heard about the power of words. It’s so real. There’s so much potential, so much power, so much beauty and magic at your fingertips. It just needs to be seized. Don’t wait for this fickle muse to strike. Go forward yourself. Gather it up. It probably will be slow, painful, and tiring. But it will be so, so worth it. One day you’ll find you’ve come farther than you ever thought you would.

There’s an Arabic saying: consistency is the greatest miracle. So now it’s up to you to go forward and make that miracle happen.

Best of luck to you, writer.

Let​​ ​your voice​ ​loose​ ​and​ ​change​ ​the ​world.

Wafaa is an avid reader and writer on a grand journey to figure out how writing works. She has high aspirations and hopes to get published someday, when she’s learned to write well. She has a love for fantasy, whimsy, and all things beautiful. When not writing or doing schoolwork, she may be found enjoying life with the closest friends she has: her books, her cats, and her characters.

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