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YWP Participant Pep Talk from Savera K

Writing can suck. Every writer knows that. But not everyone knows how to overcome those obstacles! That means, you can get off the couch, grab a cup of your favorite brew, and get ready to use these tactics to write the way you want!

1. Remember to silence your inner editor. Ever hear that little voice inside your head telling you that your writing is garbage? Well, you can just tell it to pack its bags and leave your mind for a long vacay after all of that criticism.

2. Your mind won't always have the right answer. That brain of yours may come up with the perfect description or witty comeback, but there are times where it just blanks out. That happens, but that's no excuse to give up! Try taking a break if you've been writing for too long, finding a few writing prompts, or even asking a trusted person for advice to get out of that hole!

3. Self-care. Your body is just as important as your mind, so it's important to listen to it when it’s telling you something. Some suggestions from me are reading a book, listening to music, texting your friends, and--of course-- remembering to drink plenty of water and eat healthy!

4. Have fun. Writing shouldn't be a chore. It should be the time to allow your mind to delve into the world you created. This is actually really important, because if you're tired or hungry or thirsty, or just don't know what to write next, you should probably give your mind and fingers a rest. 

5. Try writing a collab novel. This is a great confidence booster because you can cheer each other on, offer ideas, and generally have a good time! One method I find great is getting a dialogue prompt, taking turns writing with your collaborators, and sometimes working together at the same time.

Your novel may start slow, but once you get into your groove words will flow from your fingers. Sooner than you expect, you will get to the point where there are words staying on the screen. Whether your word count stretches to thousands or stays anywhere closer to ten, your ideas are worth the effort. It is you that is taking the time to share your ability, your creativity, and most of all your story. 

Be proud of yourself for making the choice to try and for ending up succeeding even more than you thought you could have. By the time the month has ended, the progress you make and the experience you gain will astonish you.

photo of Savera.K.

Savera K. is an introverted Potterhead who loves tea, books, and cats and is currently in 7th grade. Her house is Ravenpuff and her favorite spell is Expecto Patronum. She also likes watching Netflix shows and playing the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She hopes to publish her fantasy novel soon!

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