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You wrote a novel! Now what?

now what

Help NaNoWriMo improve!

This year, we launched a new Young Writers Program website and watched in awe as educators and writers around the world wrote a collective total of 344,616,856 words (including 11,366 chapters with the word "dragon" in them).

Now, we want to make sure the YWP site keeps improving. We value your feedback and will consider it carefully as we plan for NaNoWriMo 2017.

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Help your NOVEL improve!

During January and February 2017 (the "Now What" months), we'll support your revision and publishing process with pep talks, advice articles, webinars, and live chats.

Until then, check out our "Now What?" page for a few general ideas about what to do with your manuscript and NaNo energy in the months ahead!

Visit the "Now What?" page

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