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Join us for a Virtual Write-In!

Write with us during your lunch break!

Using the magical powers of the Internet, you can join us from anywhere in the world for virtual write-ins during October and November. After all, writing is that much easier in the company of other writers!

What happens at Virtual Write-Ins?

  • Great question, A+++.

  • We write together!

  • We challenge each other to word sprints.

  • We offer suggested prompts to help you find inspiration.

  • We share bits and pieces of our work.

How do you participate in Virtual Write-Ins?

  • See our scheduled Virtual Write-Ins on YouTube, add them to your calendar, and make a plan to join.

  • When a write-in is about to go live, get your writing materials, like a computer or a notebook and pen.

  • Go to the the live stream by finding it on the videos tab on NaNoWriMo’s YouTube page.

  • Join our live stream and write, write, write!

Join our first Virtual Write-In this Thursday, October 27, at 12 PM PST. (If you’re not sure which time zone you’re in, ask an adult. If you are an adult, Google it.)

Hope to see you there!

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