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Week two blues? You got this, YWP!

So, it's been a few days, Novelist. If you're like me, your wrists are getting sore, your words are coming just a little bit more slowly, and your novel—that great big beautiful shining idea in your head—well, it may not be looking so shiny on paper.

The week two blues may seem overwhelming, but, like writer's block, smelly feet, and getting hungry just before you're supposed to go to bed, they're also totally normal! Right now, over 100,000 YWP writers and educators are going through them with you. Here are some tricks to try:

Most importantly, just keep writing! If your goal feels overwhelming, try the 10 minute trick: Give yourself permission to stop for the day, but only after setting a timer and writing for 10 minutes. The secret? When the timer runs out, you'll probably be warmed up and excited to keep writing, and even if you aren't, you'll know you tried. Plus, your word count will have grown just that much more! Be kind to your novel, and yourself.

Off to take my own advice,
Marya Brennan
Young Writers Program Director

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