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What's Current?

National Novel Writing Month finished on November 30. Look for revising and publishing tips during our "Now What?" months in January and February, submit an excerpt to our "Now What?" Contest, keep working on your novel, or start a new project from your Dashboard!

I Wrote a Novel! Now What?

Other annual events: NaNo Prep in September and October, National Novel Writing Month in November, "Now What?" in January and February, Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July, and our Summer Writing Program. Learn more about year-round writing

To see what time an event starts in your time zone, click into the event, then click "copy to my calendar".

Pep Talks

Pep talks are inspirational letters written by well-known authors during NaNoWriMo. Look for new ones in Breaking News throughout November, or find them (as well as old favorites, printable pep talks, and illustrated quotes) on the Pep Talk page. 

Take me to Pep Talks!

Pep Talks

NaNoWriMo Writing Contests

Submit your best creative work to one of our three annual contests for the chance to see your story featured all over the online NaNoWriMo universe (and some pretty serious bragging rights). 

Enter the "Now What?" Contest!

  • The "Now What?" Contest — Submit an excerpt up to 400 words long from your NaNoWriMo novel. Submission window: February 18-28

  • The Young Writers Flash Fiction Contest — Submit a story up to 300 words long based on a prompt we provide. Submission window: May 21-31.

  • The Summer Camp NaNoWriMo Contest — To be determined! Submission window: August 21-31.

Print Your Novel

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You wrote a novel—now print it! We've partnered with Blurb, a self-publishing company, to offer YWP participants a special NaNoWriMo landing page, a free ISBN, and 30% off your first order. Plus, 15% of your purchase goes to support the always-free YWP!

Read our how-to suggestions, or print your novel now!

NaNoWriMo Videos

Look to the NaNoWriMo YouTube channel for fun writing videos jam-packed with advice, including Virtual Write-Ins streamed live.

Visit the NaNoWriMo YouTube channel!

NaNoWriMo Blog

Explore the NaNoWriMo blog for tons of useful advice (and more inspiration than you can shake a freshly sharpened pencil at). Read the most recent post, or filter using a tag. Check out some suggestions below:

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NaNoWriMo Blog

NaNoWriMo Flair

Declare your commitment to your novel on your social media profiles! Get your friends on board to encourage (and nag) you throughout the month. Click on an image to download it full size. 

Plus, find more flair—including T-shirts, sweatshirts, notebooks, scarves, hats, and mugs—in the NaNoWriMo store.

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