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Camp is here! Start writing April 1!

camp nanowrimo

Beginnings can be scary! First day of school, first dance, first time trying your Aunt Cathy's pink mac and cheese. (Why is it pink? Why?) But beginnings are also exciting, full of possibility, and a chance to create something new. To help you begin your Camp project this April, here are a few Day 1 tips: 

  1. Make sure to accept the Camp challenge from your dashboard. Not sure what Camp is still? Read more here

  2. Set aside time on Sunday to write. Not text, not check your Instagram feed or suddenly wonder how M&Ms are made—just write. Find a quiet place or put in headphones. Set a timer. Try a short burst, and give yourself permission to take a quick break (or eat some M&Ms) when the time runs out. The Word Sprint tool in your writing space is another great way to do this. Set a personal word-count record, then see if you can beat it!

  3. Staring at a blank page? Check out the "Back to the Beginning!" activity in the Young Novelist Workbook for suggestions on how to start. 

  4. Having trouble staying motivated? Sometimes it's easier to write with other people. Visit the Camp NaNoWriMo forum, watch a Virtual Write-In on Youtube (either live or recorded), or follow #CampNaNoAdvice on Twitter for advice from this April's Camp Counselors! Authors Helen Hoang, Taran Matharu, Sarah Raughley, and Amy Spalding are ready to help.

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