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Congratulations, Novelist! You did it!

Woo hoo! 

That woo hoo's for you. The writer who stayed up late. The writer who came from behind. The writer who wrote until your fingertips bruised and your neck ached from carrying around a head so heavy with ideas. The writer who wrote as many words as you could, but didn't quite meet your goal. The writer who did.

All of you took on a big, scary challenge this November. All of you created worlds. And so to all of you, I give my most sincere...

Woo hoo!
Marya, and the NaNoWriMo staff

What's next?

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Publish your novel with Blurb. 

You wrote a novel—now print it! We've partnered with Blurb, a self-publishing company, to offer YWP participants a special NaNoWriMo landing page, a free ISBN, and 20% off your first order. Plus, 15% of your purchase goes to support the always-free YWP. Use the PDF download from the writing space for a simple process, or get creative. Read our how-to suggestions, or publish your novel now.

Publish your novel with Blurb.

Take a survey, or share a testimonial!

  • Help NaNoWriMo improve by filling out this young writer survey, guaranteed easier than writing an entire novel in a month.

  • Did NaNoWriMo change your life (in more than just the being way too busy writing to shower or sleep kind of way)? Share your NaNo testimonial!

Write on the YWP site all year.

Your 2017 NaNoWriMo novel will be stored on the site until the end of time, available to write, edit, revise, and download. 

Or, if you want to start a new adventure, accept a personal challenge invitation from your dashboard any time of year. Set your own timeline and word-count goal, and keep the creative momentum going.

Educators, classrooms will be fully functional all year. Revise novels, stay tuned for special events in the spring, challenge your students to set new personal goals, or create class-wide challenges yourself (that feature won't be available until 2018). 


Let us now party like it's 1999 (and 999 and 2999 and 3999, because the Doctor knows no bounds!):

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