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Thank you for growing your creativity with us!

Last month, you did something magical.

You grew a story from scratch.

growing plant gif

You created worlds out of thin air.

howls moving castle

You pulled characters out of your weird and wonderful brain just as smoothly as a magician pulls a rabbit out of their hat. 

two bunnies in a top hat

Or maybe it wasn't smooth. Maybe it was hard. Maybe you had moments where you gave up, or shouted at your screen, or cried into a pillow. Well, this is me telling you: that's normal. More than normal, it's amazing. It means that you, my friend, are a Real Writer. 

And no matter if you hit your goal or not, all of us at NaNo HQ are proud of you. 

What's next?

Take our survey! 

Help NaNoWriMo improve by filling out this young writer survey (we promise it's easier than writing an entire novel in a month!).

Take the survey!

(Educators, find the link to the educator survey here, plus instructions for how to share the young writer survey with your students.)

Print out your certificate!

If you didn't meet your goal this time, that's okay! Show off your hard work by downloading and filing out a NaNoWriMo Writer Certificate. Find more digital flair in the NaNo Prep page. (If you met your goal, you can find your Winner Certificate and other goodies on your 2021 NaNoWriMo Winner page.)

Write on the YWP site all year.

Your 2022 NaNoWriMo novel will be stored on the site until the end of time, available to write, edit, revise, and download (but be sure to save it in another place, too!).

Or, if you want to start a new adventure, accept a personal challenge invitation from your dashboard any time of year. You can set a goal for an existing novel or create a brand new one. Either way, set your own timeline and word-count goal, and keep the creative momentum going.

Educators, classrooms will be fully functional all year. Revise novels, stay tuned for special events in the spring, challenge your students to set new personal goals, or create class-wide challenges yourself.

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