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NaNo Prep season is here!

September marks the official start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and the official start of NaNo Prep season all around the world! During September and October, we’ll provide resources to inspire, challenge, and prepare you to write that novel. Here are some good places to start (cue epic training montage music):

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September's #InstaWrimo Challenge

Get into that noveling state of mind with a month of Instagram prompts designed to help you prep. Post a photo each day in September, or explore the hashtag to get inspired by our community. Follow us on Instagram to join in!

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Planner vs. Pantser

And finally, you've got to make the big NaNo decision: Are you a planner or a pantser?

Here's the difference:

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You believe in rigorous preparation.

You’ll spend the months before November carefully fleshing out characters, building worlds, and plotting your story. On November 1, you’ll have an outline—or at least lots of helpful notes.

Pantser Badge

You believe in hardcore spontaneity.

You’ll spend the months before November stocking up on inspiration and mayyybe a vague idea or two (if you’re ambitious). On November 1, you’ll have a blank document and your imagination.

We think both are equally valid! And even if you’re a pantser, we recommend checking out the resources and steps here… You never know what might inspire you!

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