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Countdown to NaNoWriMo...

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November 1 is just one week away! It doesn't take a time machine to predict what you'll be doing: pencils sharpened, blank notebook turned to the front page, or the cursor blinking at you from a brand new document just opened on your computer screen. We can't wait to explore the unknown reaches of time and space with you, Novelist! Are you ready to write?

Writer's Checklist

  1. Accept the NaNoWriMo challenge. 

  2. Brainstorm and plan with our Young Novelist Workbooks. Worried about how to face that first blank page this November? Check out the "Back to the Beginning" activity. Still need to figure out your plot? Check out the "Outlining Your Plot" activity complete with funtastic plot roller coaster (or take our "What kind of plotting method will work best for you?" quiz!)

  3. Take notes in the on-site writing space. (Note: you can't actually start adding chapters until November 1. That means nothing you add to the writing space now will count towards your word-count goal, but it's great practice! Try writing for 5 minutes longer each day to build up your writing muscles!)

  4. Check out our other NaNo Prep resources for last-minute tips. 

  5. If you’re 13 or older, join the NaNo Prep forum to chat with other young writers around the world about noveling (and whether or not cheese-flavored ice cream is a good idea... I mean, it's all dairy, right?). 

Educator's Checklist

  1. Create your virtual classroom(s)

  2. Help students sign up for accounts, join your classroom, and announce their novels. Students don't need email addresses if they sign up using your classroom code.

  3. Check out the Common Core-aligned lesson plans and student-friendly Young Novelist Workbooks on the Teaching Resources page. Because 2/3 of our participants are around middle school age, we just revised and updated our middle school curriculum and workbooks, including making the workbook available as a Google doc!

  4. Learn our pro Tips for Managing Your Virtual Classroom

  5. Download the Digital Classroom Kit, with certificates, printable pep talks, illustrated quotes, and more.

What's New at NaNo? 

Join a young writer-friendly webcast on Wednesday, October 30 at 1PM Pacific Time. We'll be playing games to help write and develop scenes in our novels (also a great way to boost your word count!). If you can't make it live, watch the video later! 

Join our livestream, or watch our other videos!

pep talkers

Every year, as tens of thousands of writers get ready to write a novel, we ask a handful of authors to share encouragement, advice, and their experience. This year, Anne Lamott, Jasmine Guillory, V. E. Schwab, Maurene Goo, and Erin Morgenstern are writing pep talks that will be published in Breaking News throughout November.

View our archive for pep talks from John Green, Lois Lowry, and more!

We're so excited to start this noveling adventure with you!

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