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The big day approaches, Super-Novelist... Are you ready?

Don't let November sneak up on you like your arch-nemesis, Stu, who steps on your toes in the hallway and will probably try to take over the world one day.  November 1 is just one week away, and you've got characters to develop, plots to plan, docs and worlds to save.  Your novel is waiting, Super-Novelist...are you ready to answer the call? 

Writer's Checklist

  1. Announce your novel from the Dashboard. 

  2. Brainstorm and plan with our Young Novelist Workbooks. Worried about how to face that first blank page this November? Check out the "Back to the Beginning" activity. Still need to figure out your plot? Check out the "Outlining Your Plot" activity complete with funtastic plot roller coaster. 

  3. Take notes in the on-site writing space. (Note: you can't actually start adding chapters until November 1. That means nothing you add to the writing space now will count towards your word-count goal.)

  4. If you’re 13 or older, join the NaNo Prep forum to chat with other young writers around the world about ideas, challenges, and/or whether Luke is going to be the villain in Episode VIII.

Educator's Checklist

  1. Create your virtual classroom(s). This year, you can manage as many as you want, so no need to delete your old ones. 

  2. Help students sign up for accounts, join your classroom, and announce their novels. This year, students don't need email addresses if they sign up using your classroom code.

  3. Check out the Common Core-aligned lesson plans and student-friendly Young Novelist Workbooks on the Teaching Resources page.

  4. Learn the Top 5 Most Useful Classroom Features You Might Not Know About.

  5. Join the Teachers' Lounge forum to chat with a worldwide community of educators participating in NaNoWriMo.

  6. Order your one free classroom kit if you haven't yet. We still have a limited supply left, including some extras that could be yours for just the price of shipping. Check them out in the store!

Are you ready, Writer? We can't wait to witness your heroic origin story!

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